AI Tournament for industrial robots in AirHockey

Prize places
2nd place
1700 USD
3rd place
800 USD
All prize-winners will be offered a contract for AI support with a payment in excess of the these amounts.

Invite the winner and get the prize.
If you send someone a link to this tournament by putting a copy of, and this participant will take the prize place, you will receive 20% of the prize amount (of course, not to the detriment of the winner's award). Only the first who sent the link receives this prize.

AirHockey rules for robots under AI control
The tournament is held on the Olympic system, with the elimination after the first losing round.
AIs play 2 times in 1 round, changing robots after the first time.
The AI with the greatest number of goals wins in the round.
The time is up to 7 goals or 7 minutes, whichever comes first.
AI must withdraw the puck from its field within 7 seconds. AI will lose 1 goal for every 7 seconds in a row, if the puck on its field.

22 January
22 January
01 February
01 February
Starting of applications acceptance
Also the publication of a technical manual for the development of AI.
01 April
01 April
Opening of the beta-stand
Starting from this date, participants can test their AI with another AI or person on a real AirHockey stand and robots.
31 April
31 April
Closing of applications acceptance and beta-stand
After this date, you can not send the AI to the test or update the submitted version.
01 May
01 May
The draw. Starting of the tournament
Live broadcast of the tournament through streaming service.
07 May
07 May
Winners award ceremony

Technical terms and details
  • The AI is allowed to tournament after pass the test at the beta-stand.
  • To program robots, you must use the RCML SDK in C ++. A special tournament version will be published.
  • The AI opponents will have the same PCs (under Windows 10), cameras and strikers on robots.
  • The cameras are located above the center of the field, the direction of the view from above to below.

Useful links
Current version (pdf)
All questions can be asked here.

Registration form
Please note that all important communication should be by specified email.
Also should use this email for registration on community forum.

Email for contact
AI name
Team name / author nickname
Tell in a couple of sentences about your AI or its history.
By clicking on the button, you accept the conditions and rules for the AI Airbattle tournament.
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